We had a superb SRS planning session with the Offervana team to help them design the next generation of their real estate software product. I’m very excited and deeply grateful for this opportunity. Here is our chance to bring our A-game to a group of top-notch entrepreneurs who we deeply respect and admire.

We will now start the analysis phase of this process and build out the full SRS. This is the blueprint of how the software will be built by the development team. This is our way to prepare our clients to have a successful build and leave no stone unturned. This is the most important step in a software build because it saves clients time and money. It allows them to dive deep into their vision and turn that into an organized plan to bring it to life. It leaves discrepancies and assumptions out of people’s heads and brings them all on paper with dates and signatures. By the end of the analysis phase, our client will have a full understanding of how long the project will take, a full Gantt chart broken down by milestones, how much it will cost, technical and environment constraints, dependencies, software, hardware, and communications APIs, versioning, contingency protocols, maintenance, and support plans.

This project implements agile methodology throughout the entire software development lifecycle process. We are passionate about what we do for clients because most software projects that fail, do as a result of lack of planning. We cannot wait to see their unique software product come to life!!

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